The Summer of 2024

by Mike Andrews I’m sitting in the sunroom of our office enjoying a beautiful sunny day and reflecting on conversations I had with some of you over the last few months. I’m sincerely inspired by human ingenuity, the ideas individuals develop, the activities you do, the causes you support, and the businesses started that have […]

Doing Those Things That Are Important to You

When speaking with friends and clients prior to and over the holidays, we reminisced in 2023 and exchanged plans for 2024. In our discussions, my recent Asian trip came up and I was encouraged to share so that others might gain insights into other cultures, or provide ideas into their own travel plans. Adventure travel […]

Perpetual Learning

By Chad Butnari As many of you know, one of our commitments we feel strongly about here at The Andrews Group is perpetual learning. The financial services industry, like many others, is evolving at a rapid pace. As professionals, we have a responsibility to our clients not only to keep up with our continuing education […]

2023 WAY Archery biathlon

On July 29th, members of our office (Mike, Chris, Laura, and Reid) participated in and helped with the very first WAY Biathlon. Sixteen participants, ranging in age from 17-82, learned (or refreshed) their archery skills and then ran (or walked!) 5km, shooting their arrows at each kilometer mark. After some torrential downpour before the event was due to start […]

The Summer of 2023

Debt ceiling, artificial intelligence, US Banking failures, Ukraine war and global unrest. Sounds like another year of uncertainty. The fact remains that every year I write this letter, there is always something, or a multitude of events, causing uncertainty. The question always has been and always will be… What should we do and what can […]

The year in review: What happened — and what did not

By Simon Robinson By the evening of Feb. 25 this year, a day after Russian tanks had crossed into Ukraine in the largest military attack in Europe since World War Two, Moscow’s troops had reached the outskirts of Kyiv. With distant artillery fire booming across the capital, Ukraine’s defence ministry urged residents to build petrol […]

Things I Have Learned

by Michael Andrews Learning is not something that stops after college or university, lifelong learning  is a commitment. Experience is a great contributor, although at times it may create biases, being part of peer groups is another way to learn through differing perspectives and attending industry conferences. This year I have been fortunate to have […]


According to well-being and happiness research, experiences create more joy and contentment than purchasing  “things” which tends to only create that sense for a short-term period. The purchasing of “things”, however, can create a feeling of joy longer if it allows you to create experiences from it. I was recently at the closing of the […]

Mike’s thoughts – Summer 2022

Over the last 3 years, we have been inundated with attention-grabbing headlines. 2020 to 2021 was the health scare with the pandemic. In 2022 the headline has shifted, rightfully so to the humanitarian crisis created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The atrocities are numerous and vividly disturbing. They are a reaffirmation that violence ordered by […]

Mike’s Summer Letter

2021 has had a bumpy start, from another prolonged lockdown, third wave, and vaccination delays. I know the “homestretch” I referenced in my year-end 2020 letter has been more a mountainous marathon than a quick sprint to the finish