Harvard Study Shows Us How To Invest In Happiness 

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and I prefer rich,” my friend Jim Stovall told me. It’s just one of many things I learned from Jim.  We co-authored a book many years ago—my first, his…who knows how many! But like millions of other readers, I was drawn to Jim’s work because of his best-selling […]

4 Habits Holding You Back From Living Your Best Financial Life

When I first started my blog in 2015, my content mainly focused on paying off debt and saving money. And one of the really cool things about that was getting emails and messages from readers who would tell me things like, “Your story really inspired me to pay off my student loans, and yesterday, I […]

To Find Meaning in Your Work, Change How You Think About It

by John Coleman A wonderful New York Times article from 2007 recounted the 20th annual “Operator’s Challenge” — aka the “Sludge Olympics” — a competition for New York sewage treatment workers. The participants compete to show skill in their work, and often do so with great passion. Emily Lloyd, the commissioner of the New York […]

Family Time

By Chad Butnari When I was a kid, we always used to make a point to do something fun as a family for March break. My mother was a teacher so she conveniently had the same days off as we did. I remember visiting my grandparents in Florida when we were young and when we […]

Don’t Spend Your Time – Invest It

When it comes to time, we are born rich and then spend down our fortunes over the years. It may not grow like money in a bank account, but there are ways to get time to pay out a similar kind of interest. The go-to verb for what we do with time is “spend” it. […]

Three Tips on Caring for Aging Parents

As a nursing student decades ago, my first summer job was taking care of an older lady at her home. My employer was her daughter, who had taken her mom in to live with her. Due to a major stroke, the mom didn’t speak, except for a rare “yes” or “no”. My job as a […]

Enjoying the Small Things

The weather is finally starting to turn. For those of us that don’t love the cold weather (I find that I enjoy winter just a little less every year

Ukraine – Impact and Insight

By Mike Andrews March 2022 How many times have you thought that “the grass is always greener on the other side”? By our human nature, we all have done it, not once but likely many times in our lives. The last month has certainly made me reflect on this. I genuinely feel we live where […]

What Does Meditation Mean to You?

Chad Butnari on Meditation   What do you think of when you hear the word “meditation?” Does it conjure a vision of a yogi sitting with his legs crossed on the top of a mountain? If so, don’t worry, it does for me too. Last year, I had heard so much about the practice of […]

It’s Your Choice

Recently I was talking with a number of my retired clients.  They were offering me their perspectives and experiences.  The conversations ultimately came to the physical nature of their working generation compared to today and to an old saying… “There is no pleasure without pain” …. A well-known phrase that was once inspiring but is […]

Don’t Be Afraid

None of us can ignore the Boston Marathon bombings or the plan to derail a Via Rail train. These two events remind us that terrorist attacks don’t all happen on foreign, hostile soil and, in fact, can occur closer to home. These unspeakable, irrational acts have the ability to immobilize us through fear; and the […]

What is Real and What is Not?

We all gain nuggets of knowledge from our parents, yet sometimes they only gain relevance as we get older. The worry is that it’s sometimes like the flood gates have been shut for a number of years and then slowly they open up and we get a rush of those nuggets all at once. I […]

It’s a Choice and a Necessity

We have all heard stories from our parents about how they walked five miles to school, uphill both ways. Some of these stories are prone to embellishment or, I dare say, fabrication. The fact is however, that many of our predecessors had much more physical lives than us; the difference was, in many cases, activity […]

Younger Next Year

What a concept as we age we actually get younger. We would feel better, have more flexibility, and be able to engage in more activities especially at a time where we have more disposable income to do those things that are important to us. So let’s examine this ludicrous statement. In the book “Younger Next […]