The Summer of 2024

I’m sitting in the sunroom of our office enjoying a beautiful sunny day and reflecting on conversations I had with some of you over the last few months. I’m sincerely inspired by human ingenuity, the ideas individuals develop, the activities you do, the causes you support, and the businesses started that have grown from a small idea. There is ingenuity in the public markets as AI is getting a lot of attention, with lots of forecasts and crystal balling. The great news today is that you don’t have to make any predictions in order for you to capitalize on this ingenuity and have a positive investment experience. I used to think that I was just an optimist. But as I get older and through the experiences I have witnessed, I think I may be just a realist.

When I re-read the June 2023 summer letter and its focus on what we can control, and the need for uncertainty for us to be able to earn more and accumulate more, it got me thinking and a question popped into my head:

What are we accumulating wealth/money for?

  • Is it to buy things?
  • Is it to share things?
  • Is it to have a comfortable retirement?
  • Is it to help our children and grandchildren?

Our answers might be all of these and in the end these reasons may simply boil down to one key aspiration: to have a fulfilling life and being happy.

Professor Martin Seligman, the grandfather of modern-day psychology, through his extensive research created a formula for happiness. I assure you this is the only formula in this letter, I promise!

H = S + C + V
H = 50% + 10% + 40%
S = the sum of a person’s genetic capacity for happiness.
C = our circumstances
V = our voluntary control

What this research shows is that our circumstances control very little of our happiness. Factors under our own voluntary control (optimism, kindness, relationships etc.) and our genetic capacity determine over 90% of our happiness.

Based on this premise, it is no surprise that truly happy people share the following 7 qualities:

  1. They have a generosity of spirit. They enjoy helping others and spending time with family and friends. They smile because they know smiling releases endorphins and serotonin. They take time to listen and be kinder to others and themselves
  2. They understand that self-care is a regular habit
  3. They feel grateful because they know the difference between seeing the good vs. obsessing over what went wrong
  4. They savour life, both large and small
  5. They are optimistic, which prevents them from comparing themselves to others.
  6. They are resilient because they have learned how to bounce back
  7. They are excited about the future and make a point of having goals and dreams that give meaning to their lives

As we go into this summer season of warm weather, holidays and activities with family and friends, maybe ask yourself:

What are you accumulating wealth for?

What are the activities you do that help fuel your happiness and fulfill your life?

How many of the common qualities of truly happy people do you share? Which ones will you start cultivating now?

There are many reasons to distract us from engaging in this simple act. Public headlines and news reports primarily pull us in a different direction. Many times, it takes real conscious effort to keep a positive perspective. Let’s use the spring and summer season to give us some positive momentum, similar to the momentum the financial markets have provided your investment portfolios so far this year.

In that spirit, here’s some positive news from the office. This year we’ve had decade marking birthdays with Chad turning 40 and myself turning 60. Orla and fiancé Christian have their wedding plans in October. Laura, Jess, and Chad are busy with their young families, with Laura gaining a new niece and Jess becoming engaged and buying a new home. Lee continues to share with us the latest good concerts and food venues he has discovered. Chris is ecstatic with the nice weather so he can pursue his golf passion and low scores (unlike Mike’s high scores). In the spring and summer, you can find Reid either running, playing tennis, or studying for another exam.

As an office, we are again supporting the We Are Young charity ( through their annual archery/run or walk biathlon. The WAY biathlon will take place on June 22nd this year and if anyone is interested in participating or supporting, please reach out to Orla for more information. We have runners and we have walkers. Everyone is invited! Through our office, family, friends, and you, we have raised over $42,000 to support this charity in its first year in Ontario. That is an amazing milestone that again reinforces people’s generosity, and we thank you all. Check out the first three Ontario WAY Wish Stories, which were funded by the money raised, highlighted below.

On behalf of all of us at the Andrews Group we want to wish you a fun summer with friends and family. Let’s make it become a part of a happy, fulfilling life.

All the best,


The First 3 – Ontario WAY Wishes Granted in 2024

Carole, 81 – from Waterloo ON – Wish Scheduled for May 29, 2024, in Kitchener, ON

Wish: To ride a horse again

Carole lived a vibrant life filled with family, faith, and a deep love for horses. Her days were spent volunteering at her church, engaging in community activities, and dedicating countless hours to a therapeutic horse farm for autistic children. There she found joy in seeing children connect with these gentle giants, witnessing firsthand the healing and happiness that horses brought into their lives. Carole’s own horse, a steadfast companion, was a cherished part of her life until she had to give it up when her children were young.

As a single mother, Carole faced countless challenges, but her love and determination for her daughters fueled her perseverance. Despite financial constraints, Carole ensured that every holiday was magical, filling their home with warmth, laughter, and cherished memories. She often went out of her way to provide for her daughters, sacrificing her own needs to make sure they never felt the absence of anything. Carole’s dedication extended beyond her immediate family and was known for her acts of kindness within the community. Her unwavering faith guided her actions and gave her strength to keep moving forward, no matter how tough the circumstances.

Carole’s love only grew with the arrival of her five grandchildren. She was a devoted grandmother who babysat them regularly, creating a second wave of magical memories filled with stories, games, and love. Her grandchildren adored her as she played a very active role in their lives, offering support and wisdom.

At 74 years of age, Carole’s world turned upside down after a devastating brain bleed that led to a stroke. This event left her with significant physical impairments, including aphasia and weakness on her right side. Adding to her challenges, she, more recently, endured the amputation of her right leg above the knee, but despite these hardships, Carole’s spirit has remained unbroken. Her smile, warmth, and kindness continue to shine, inspiring everyone around her.

Carole’s wish to spend time with horses once more is more than just a desire; it is a testament to her enduring spirit and deep-rooted love for an animal that has always remained a guiding light in her life. By helping Carole fulfill this wish, we can honor her incredible journey, bring light into her life, and show the world the profound impact that compassion and community can have on an individual’s life. Carole’s story is one of resilience and unwavering positivity. Despite being confined to a wheelchair and suffering from aphasia, her mental health remains strong. Her family firmly believes that spending time with horses would not only lift her spirits but also remind her that she is still very much a part of life’s beautiful moments.

Fulfilling this wish would not only bring immense joy to Carole but also inspire others to remember and include our seniors in life’s beautiful experiences. It would highlight the importance of community, compassion, and the belief that every individual, regardless of age or ability, deserves moments of happiness and connection. Carole’s story can serve as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to look beyond limitations and see the potential for joy and healing at every stage of life. It would remind us that acts of kindness, no matter how small, have a profound impact on those around us.

Ruby, 85 – from Sudbury ON – Wish scheduled for June 19, 2024, in Kincardine, ON.

Wish: To climb a white lighthouse with a red roof to reignite memories of raising her children in Newfoundland.

Ruby is an 85-year-old widow with a heart full of dreams that have always been put on the back burner to provide for her family. One unfulfilled wish has lingered in her mind for years: to climb up inside a lighthouse. This desire, inspired by the lighthouses she admired during her years in Newfoundland while raising four children, has never faded. Despite her arthritic knees and poor vision, Ruby is determined to achieve this dream, even if it means taking it one small step at a time. Living in Ontario, where accessible lighthouses are scarce, and constrained by a fixed income, Ruby has never had the opportunity to fulfill this “bucket-list” item. Climbing a lighthouse, particularly one overlooking the ocean, would not only be a thrilling adventure but also a poignant reminder of Ruby’s enduring spirit and love for the East Coast. This wish will offer Ruby a moment of joy and accomplishment, brightening her days and allowing her to finally do something just for herself.

Audrey, 90 – from Uxbridge ON – Wish scheduled for June 27-30, 2024, in Halifax, NS

Wish: To visit the East Coast and attend the 100th anniversary of the Royal Nova Scotia international Tattoo.

At 90 years of age, Audrey’s greatest wish is to see the East Coast, a dream she’s held on to her entire life. Audrey has always put others first, including her family, who now often seem too busy for her. Having lived through a difficult childhood of mustard sandwiches and an abusive home, she found solace in ballet, convincing a teacher to let her attend classes in exchange for cleaning windows and the studio. During COVID, Audrey was extremely cautious, limiting her activities, which only deepened her sense of isolation. A trip to the East Coast, experiencing a lobster dinner and simply being close to the ocean would mean the world to her. Audrey also wishes to visit Chalice, the Catholic charity through which she has sponsored ten children over the years.

 Additionally, Audrey dreams of attending the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force at the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, which holds special significance for her. Her father and brother both served in the Air Force, and her late husband was a judge for drumming competitions, making this event deeply meaningful. This wish is inspired by Audrey’s lifelong resilience and the special bond she shares with her granddaughter, who has lived with her all her life. Together, they hope to create unforgettable memories, with Audrey finally feeling the love and appreciation she so richly deserves.