According to well-being and happiness research, experiences create more joy and contentment than purchasing  “things” which tends to only create that sense for a short-term period. The purchasing of “things”, however, can create a feeling of joy longer if it allows you to create experiences from it. I was recently at the closing of the United Church in the small town of Auburn where I grew up. I was fortunate to talk to people who I haven’t seen in over 30 years. As we were catching up, one old friend mentioned he had bought a Mustang and because he enjoyed driving so much he had travelled to see friends that he hadn’t seen in 10+ years.

I have long been a proponent of experiences and last month (as I mentioned in our June newsletter) my daughter Hailey and I travelled together on her graduation trip. It was an extraordinary experience that can never be erased from our memories and hopefully, we’ll be recalling stories 20 years from now. I have attached a few photos with some highlights.

Experiences don’t have to be big, monumental adventures, although I do like those 🙂

It is genuinely about taking the time to get off the daily treadmill of life and its commitments and spend with family and friends. Money although at times is easy to give is no replacement for time and experiences.



Inside the Thrihnukagigur Volcano. The only spot-on earth where you can explore a volcano magma chamber from the inside.



Barrhorn High Altitude Hike – 11,840 Ft (3,610 m) in the Pennine Alps (southwestern Switzerland)



Our climbing group, David from Germany, Rob, John and Susie from England and Polly one of the guides from the UK as well.



Our overnight Swiss Hut, situated at approx. 8,200 feet (2,500 m)



Good start to the day with clear blue skies
Did need to refresh and learn how to tie specific knots, train ice axe rescue techniques and use crampons when walking on exposed ice and snow.



Successful Summit!