Family Business & the Business of the Family

Over the last three years, I have embarked on a learning journey to gain a global perspective on strategies, themes, methodologies, and tools to better help our business families. In the process I have also expanded and diversified my professional network of experts. I have highlighted below the three accreditation courses and content of what was learned that could be of benefit to our business clients

1. Family Enterprise Advisor Program focused on:

  • Family Dynamics
  • Governance – Decision Making
  • Family Enterprise Strategy
  • Multi-Disciplinary Advising
  • Family Meetings


The Program drew upon worldwide experts and families with local, national, and global businesses.

2. The Certified Exit Planning Advisor Program strategically focused on enhancing value in the business and coordinating the continuity plan with the founder and the family’s personal vision and goals. Some of the highlights were: 

The 5-4-3-2-1 Strategy of:

  • Five stages of value maturity
  • Understanding the importance of the Four intangible capitals in your business
  • The three legs and three gaps in your strategy
  • The two concurrent paths in your exit strategy
  • The one goal – to create a significant company


The importance of the family having a multidisciplinary advisory team was the interwoven thread within each of these strategies.

3. The Wellbeing Certification Program exposed me to an international community of advisors and strategies implemented worldwide. One statistic that stood out for me is over 60% of executive leadership ranks employee well-being as a major business strategy going forward. This academically, research-based program focused on wellbeing at three levels which I have categorized as follows:

  • “Me” – the individual level
  • “We” – the business family level
  • “Us” – the broader audience, whether it be leadership, employee, or community


I believe knowledge is power and should be shared and integrated into our services, to at a minimum spark thought, discussion, and potentially strategic execution. In the coming months, I plan to write an article or post a 3–4-minute video on one of the specific strategies mentioned above to share the knowledge that may be impactful to your family and your business.

Here is part one of an interview of Mike and Chad, discussing Mike’s experience in the FEA program and how this knowledge can be utilized to help our clients.